GuardOn… because…

You were Born Free and should Live Free.

You should live a life of Freedom and not Feardom!

GuardOn… because it is a holistic solution to keep you safe…

GuardOn is not just a piece of technology to send alerts.   It is a complete solution designed to keep you safe at all times, no matter where you are.   Through collaborations, partnerships and relationships with law enforcement and other emergency services, businesses, NGOs and members of the community, GuardOn gets help to you quickly when you need it.

Protects you in your city: GuardOn works in your city… at home, at work and while commuting in between. It works when you are in the bazaar, jogging in the park or out having fun in the city at night

Protects you when you travel: GuardOn works in other cities and other countries too. Carry it with you when you travel to keep you safe

Access it through your mobile: Forgot to carry your GuardOn wearable with you, or you have not purchased one yet? No worries.   GuardOn’s free mobile app has all the functionality to keep you safe

Access it through your wearables: Want to have the ability to raise alerts discreetly and quickly without accessing your mobile phone? Use a GuardOn wearable to do so

Emergency functions: Raise alerts when your safety is threatened or you are in danger, or when you experience a life-threatening medical condition.  Communicate with your responders with the built-in multimedia chat in the GuardOn app

Get help quickly when you are in distress: Get help quickly from First Responders, Guardon Angels and your Trusted Contacts. Time is of the essence when your life is in danger.  Therefore, we simultaneously notify all of them through multiple communication channels, so that some of them can get to you quickly

Non-Emergency functions: Get help if your vehicle breaks down. Use if for neighborhood watch to keep your neighborhood safe.  Communicate with your neighborhood group using the built-in multimedia chat in the GuardOn app

GuardOn for peace of mind: Find out if your area is safe.   Find out if the route you are taking is safe.  Find out who has raised alerts in your neighborhood and for what reasons.  Check-in to tell your loved ones that you have arrived safely at your destination

GuardOn for fun: Check-in and send multi-media content, search through your check-in history and those of others who have shared their check-in with you to recall the places you have been to, locate friends who have shared their location with you, and navigate to their locations

GuardOn devices:  GuardOn works on iPhone, android phones, apple watch, and android watches.  Yes, it works on GuardOn wearable and other wearables too.

GuardOn… because your security and wellbeing matters!