GuardOn Users

To all our users… thank you, sincerely, for giving us space to exist on your mobile, and for inviting your friends and family to use GuardOn. Without your usage of GuardOn, we will not be able to pursue our mission of eliminating crimes, especially those against women, children and the elderly. Your safety is our mission at GuardOn.

Emergency Services and First Responders

Our sincere thanks also to all the First Responders, including law enforcement officers, who have agreed to respond to alerts raised through GuardOn. Keeping us and our communities safe is a very challenging job. GuardOn provides them information and tools that make them more effective in this important work.

GuardOn Angels

Most importantly, our sincere thanks to the good people in our GuardOn user community who have volunteered as GuardOn Angels, and are committed to helping their neighbors during distress situations. In many communities law enforcement and other first responders may not be able to reach the person under distress in a timely manner. In such cases, GuardOn Angels are the first line of rescue.