Partnering Opportunities

Is your business interested in partnering with us to make crimes against women, children and the elderly a thing of the past? Do you want to make your communities, cities and country much safer for all its people?

We have partnering opportunities for country partners, distributors, resellers, online influencers and companies that produce innovative wearable devices.

Country Partners: Interested in a country wide license for GuardOn? If you have the ability to invest in a joint venture to make GuardOn available to the masses in your country, let us collaborate to do so. Please contact us.

Distributors: Want to take distributorship for GuardOn? If you have a strong reseller network that sells consumer products, or sells to enterprises and government organizations, let us talk. Please contact us

Resellers: Have one or more retail outlets selling products to women, children and the elderly? Have enterprise or government customers who could benefit from GuardOn solutions? Interested in offering GuardOn to them? Please contact us.

Online Influencers: Are you very well connected on social media? Are you an influencer? Would you like to promote GuardOn because you believe it will be good for them? Please contact us.

Wearable Companies: Do you want to include GuardOn alert and distress response solution into your products to make them more valuable for your customers, and to further differentiate from your competition? Let’s collaborate. Please contact us.