Getting Started


  1. If you haven't already, download GuardOn from Google Play Store if you're on Android or Apple App Store if you're using an iPhone/iPad.


    Download GuardOn from Google Play Store


    Download GuardOn from Apple App Store

  2. Once installed, simply tap on the GuardOn app icon to launch the app, just like any other app!

  3. Setup screen to select your country
    Once the app has started, simply search for your country, select it, then tap Continue.


  1. Setup screen to sign in to GuardOn
    Use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to sign into GuardOn.

  2. Welcome screen
    On successful sign-in, you'll receive this welcome message. Please read the instructions carefully, then tap Continue.

Setup Options

Setup options screen

Tap the Quick Setup button.


  1. Permissions required by GuardOn
    Please tap Allow All to provide all permissions required by GuardOn for optimal functionality.

  2. OS permission prompts
    You might be prompted to confirm provision of requested permissions. Please tap Allow for each prompt.

Personal Information

  1. Setup screen to enter your name

    Your Name

    Please enter your first, middle, and last name in respective fields, then tap Next to continue.

  2. Setup screen to provide your picture

    Your Photo

    Tap the camera icon to launch your camera app, then take a selfie.
    * The picture will start uploading once you tap Next. Note that it may take some time depending on your network—so please be patient.

  3. Setup screen to select your gender

    Your Gender

    Tap the appropriate Male/Female/Other icon to select your gender, then tap Next.

  4. Setup screen to enter your date of birth

    Your Date of Birth

    Swipe up/down on the date, month, and year spinners to select your date of birth, then tap Next.

Become a GuardOn Angel

  1. Setup screen to become a GuardOn Angel

    Receive Distress Alerts

    Become a GuardOn Angel by choosing to receive Safety and/or Medical Alerts.

  2. Setup screen to select your safety skills  Setup screen to select your medical skills

    Select Your Skills

    Make sure you provide your safety/medical skills to let us know how you can help during such emergencies. Once you've done that, tap Next to continue.

Mobile Number

Personal Information

  1. Setup screen to enter your phone number

    Your Phone Number

    Please enter your phone number, choose whether it's a personal or work number by tapping on the toggle buttons, and then tap Send OTP.

  2. OTP message

    One Time Password (OTP)

    You'll receive a 6-digit numeric code via SMS in a few minutes—pleasecopy it.

  3. Verify your phone number with OTP

    Verify Phone Number

    Paste/enter the numeric code in OTP field, then tap Verify.

  4. Setup completed

    Setup Completed

    That's it! You've successfully completed the setup and are now a proud member of the GuardOn community. Tap Later to start using GuardOn!