When it comes to the security of your Employees…

you should not have to worry!

With GuardOn, your employees are never alone, even when they are commuting to and from work late at night.

Police and GuardOn community members who volunteer to help those under distress are just a click of a button away. They can come to your employees’ help quickly if their safety is ever threatened by anyone.

Make your employees feel secure when they are working alone late in the night on important projects. Your security personnel are just click of a button away with GuardOn.

Medical emergency with one of your employees? With GuardOn, emergency medical technicians are notified immediately and an ambulance will soon be on its way.

Arm your campus security with GuardOn

Get GuardOn First Responder Organization portal for your campus security

Enable your employees to instantaneously raise an alerts. Arm each one of them with their own GuardOn wearable

Gift GuardOn Wearable to your Employees to show that you care

Our free mobile app provides most of the functionality your employees need to keep them safe

If you want them to be able to raise alerts more discreetly and easily, we offer wearable devices. Purchase Wearable

Purchase GuardOn wearables for your female employees or for all employees, especially for those working in shifts that require them to travel to or from work late in the night.

Download GuardOn content

Display GuardOn informational posters and standees in prominent high-traffic areas so that your Employees know about it, use it and protect themselves.

Download them to print and display in your offices, shops and factories. Share the brochures with your colleagues and employees through email.




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