GuardOn for campus emergencies

Stalkers or rapists terrorizing women on campus? GuardOn protects your students by getting help to them quickly if they are ever attacked

Active shooter on campus? GuardOn pinpoints exact location of the shooter. Campus police zeros in quickly to prevent additional loss of life

New students being harassed and hazed? With GuardOn they can seek help before the hazing gets to be extreme

Student feeling depressed and suicidal? With GuardOn the student can seek help before taking an irreversible action

Arm your employees and teachers with GuardOn

Get GuardOn First Responder Organization portal for your campus police. Enable them to respond in a timely manner and get to the right location to stop ongoing crimes

Moments matter. Time is of the essence with situations involving active shooters and rapists. Enable your teachers and employees to instantaneously raise an alert by using their GuardOn wearable

Purchase GuardOn wearables for your teachers and employees as an investment in your campus’s security and for their personal security
Purchase Wearable

Download GuardOn content

Display GuardOn informational posters and standees in prominent high-traffic areas in your college so that your students, teachers and employees know about it, use it and protect themselves.

Download them to print and display in all buildings on your campus

Share the brochures with your students, teachers and employees through email.




Interested in knowing how your college can partner with us to ensure safety of your students?  Want to know how your college can financially benefit in the process of doing so?