GuardOn Freedom Basic (black)

$ 65.00


With GuardOn Freedom Basic, you can discreetly and quickly send distress alerts, with just the click of a button.

Pair one or pair multiple Freedom Basics

Buy one or buy many. You can pair multiple Freedom Basics with your GuardOn account.

Keep one in your car, keep one in your handbag, hang one on your keychain, leave one in your desk, and keep one by your bedside. Just make sure your GuardOn Freedom Basic is available to you when you need it.

Freedom Basic Functions

You can send Safety Alerts with your Freedom Basic.

GuardOn Premium Plus Service

With the purchase of each Freedom Basic, GuardOn includes one year Premium Plus Subscription for one GuardOn account.

With the Premium Plus Service, in addition to being able to use the Freedom Basic with GuardOn, you will also get the following benefits:

  1. When you send Safety Alerts, your alerts will be sent through SMS and Voice notifications to your responders and rescuers, in addition to being sent through email and in-app/push notifications which are available in the Basic Service
  2. You will be able to offer monetary rewards to your responders and rescuers, which may motivate them further to come to your rescue quickly
  3. You can configure up to 20 Trusted Contacts into your GuardOn account, which is a lot more than the 5 Trusted Contacts offered in the Basic Service


Freedom Basic works only with a GuardOn app on Android phone or iPhone. To use GuardOn on your mobile phone, you need to have internet connectivity