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With GuardOn,
you're never alone.

Get help quickly if you're
attacked or molested.

Save your life!

Get emergency medical help quickly.

Someone breaking into your house?

Get on-demand help and rescue.

Threatened by road rage?

Get precautionary help before things get out of hand.

Child out late at night?

Don't worry about her safety,
good Samaritans are there to help her.

Elderly parents alone at home?

Don't worry about their well-being,
a button press notifies neighbors and first responders.

Vehicle breakdown?

No worries! Roadside assistance is on its way.

Are you going to be safe...

in the area you're going to and the route you're taking?

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How GuardOn protects you

Whenever you need help fast, GuardOn is there for you. It quickly and reliably alerts nearby friends, family, members of the community and authorities to help you.

guardian-angelsGuardOn Angels   Guardian Angels are GuardOn community members who have volunteered to help others who in distress.

guardian-angelsPolice First Responders include Police

trusted contantTrusted Contacts  Trusted Contacts are your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors whom you have configured in your GuardOn application to receive your distress and/or check in notifications.

FireFirefighters First Responders include Firefighters

trusted contantTrusted Groups      Trusted Groups are your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors whom you can configure as a group to receive your distress and/or check in notifications.

FireProtection Umbrella Trained responders in your area

medical-techniciansEmergency Medical Technicians First Responders include Emergency Medical Technicians

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Home Invasion

Medical Emergency


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