Send Alerts

When you need help fast due to a safety, medical or roadside emergency, GuardOn allows you to quickly and reliably notify Trusted Contacts (friends, family and colleagues), GuardOn Angels (members of your community who are volunteering to help others) and First Responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance).

Safety Trigger

Don’t have your GuardOn wearable with you today? No worries. When you feel unsafe, as you might when walking down a dark alley or across a deserted parking lot, use the Safety Trigger to instantaneously send an alert if you are attacked or threatened.


Once you’ve reached your destination, check-in allows you to easily notify your friends and family of where you are.


Want to know where your loved ones are?  If you have been given permission by them, you can see exactly where they are.


Guarded Routes (and areas)

Worried about your safety when getting to your destination? Is the route safe? Want to know if the location of your loved one is safe or not? Guarded Routes lets you to know whether or not GuardOn Angels and First Responders are there to protect along a route or around a location!

How safe are you?

How many Trusted Contacts, GuardOn Angels and First Responders are in your vicinity? Is your GuardOn app working? Will alerts sent by you reach your Trusted Contacts?

Distress Lists

Review Safety and Medical Alerts as well as Roadside Assistance Requests originating in your neighborhood and in your city. Find out which ones are still active. See details on those that interest you – who raised the alert, when was it raised, what type of alert, who are responders, what was communicated during distress, etc.

Help when you can

Be a Guardian Angel yourself! At home with your family and see an alert? You can step in and help someone in need. It’s good karma! When you help others, the universe helps you and your loved ones through others.

Safety Alert

When your personal safety is threatened, you can request help from your Responders.

Medical Alert

If you’re experiencing a medical emergency like a heart attack, you can use Rukshuk to alert your Responders.

Roadside Assistance Alert

When your vehicle breaks down for any reason, you can request help from your Trusted Contacts and from Guardian Angel volunteers in your vicinity.