ABVP and GuardOn

A collaboration to make India’s villages, towns and cities safe for Women, Children and the Elderly

#NoMore violence on Women, Children and the Elderly!

ABVP Protection Umbrella

ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) is a nationwide organization.  One of its important initiatives is to ensure women’s safety in India.

To achieve this, ABVP has partnered with GuardOn, to provide a Protection Umbrella, that protects anybody whose safety is at risk.

ABVP and GuardOn are committed to making India safe, by preventing and responding to imminent threats of violence (assault, abduction, burglary, home invasion, harassment, molestation, rape etc.)

How will AVBP Protection Umbrella help me?

ABVP members are volunteer responders, i.e., they have signed up as GuardOn Angels on the GuardOn technology platform.  When they receive your safety or medical alert on their GuardOn app, they will respond to it quickly, and help you.

If you are in a situation that threatens your safety, all you have to do is raise an alert on your GuardOn mobile app or GuardOn wearable.  Your alert will be intelligently routed by GuardOn to ABVP responders who are in your vicinity, so that they can quickly come to your aid.

If you are in an area where there are any GuardOn responders, including ABVP responders on GuardOn, you will receive help in response to your distress alerts.

What is the cost of ABVP Protection Umbrella?

There is no cost for the ABVP Protection Umbrella.  You can sign up for free and be protected by it for free.

How do I sign-up for ABVP Protection Umbrella?

1. Download and install the FREE GuardOn mobile app on your smartphone. Use the link  onelink.to/GuardOn.  It will take you to App Store on iPhone and Play Store on android devices.

2. Create your GuardOn account and sign up for the FREE GuardOn service.

3. After you have created your GuardOn account, fill the form below to sign up for the FREE ABVP Protection Umbrella.

    What is GuardOn?

    GuardOn is a comprehensive solution that protects its users 24x7, no matter where they are, on-campus or off-campus, at home or in public places, in town or on travel.  With GuardOn, you can Get Help when you need it and Help Others when you can.

    The biggest differentiation between GuardOn and other solutions is that GuardOn is not just a panic button.  It actually gets help quickly to victims of crimes.  By doing so, the crime is either stopped before it starts, or is prevented from becoming worse, thus saving the victim from (further) harm.

    For more information on GuardOn or visit www.GuardOn.com.

    Here are a few one-minute use case videos that will help you understand GuardOn

    Abduction- https://youtu.be/MBwU-tTWTGo

    Home Invasion- https://youtu.be/eFnme2aad80

    Medical Emergency- https://youtu.be/vlShjye125A